Broadway Talent Agency is owned by Shiela Erickson, who provides services as a talent agent and manager to actors, models, and voice actors. Broadway is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Shiela began her career as an actress and model in 1995, and began Broadway Talent Agency in 2004 when her agent, Marty Freska stepped down. Her experience as an actress and model has helped her to run the agency with the needs of actors as her highest priority. In 2006 Shiela added the talent represented by the former Elite Talent agency, and in 2015 she added the talent previously represented by The Craze Talent Agency.

“When I took over Broadway in 2004, Broadway had just assisted in casting the film Napoleon Dynamite and was in need of a good facelift, and I decided to improve the agency with a focus on developing the skills of our actors. Small agencies all around the country seem to focus on bringing in a lot of talent, and then charging a lot for resources. That method does not help actors. I focus on working with great talent and helping them to continue their training, and strengthening their skills so they can become awesome talent. That’s why we get so many bookings for our actors each year,” said Shiela.

She says she wants the talent she represents to become so good that they cannot be ignored, which comes from a quote by Steve Martin.

Shiela loves to teach children and young actors, and the parents of those children sing praises about the way their kids are taught.

“I start training actors as young as three, and of course at that age training consists more of confidence building and praise, memorization, and taking small direction. I make sure it is fun for all the kids. They absolutely love every minute of it,” she said. Shiela teaches a weekly class for kids in the agency office every Saturday.

"I do not take on every actor who asks to be represented. My goal is not to have the largest agency, but instead I want our agency to be known as the agency with the best talent,” Shiela explained.

Although Broadway Talent Agency is one of the smallest of the agencies in Utah, the total number of bookings for actors is always second or third in the state each year. The top agencies only book a small percentage of their actors, but Broadway books a much higher percentage. How do so many actors from Broadway find successful bookings? Successful auditions! Shiela makes sure her actors are fully prepared.

“I pride myself on preparing my actors for every audition. I am an expert in this field, and love this part of the industry. Since 2004 I have assisted actors in auditioning and booking acting jobs in films and series such as:

– Hunger Games

– Twilight

– Good Luck Charlie

– SouthLand

– ABC’s movie of the week

– Napoleon Dynamite

– High World’s Fastest Indian

– Disney’s Kickin-it

– High School Musical 1-3 (including a lead supporting role)

– Sundance

– The GAP

– Ralph Lauren

– National Lampoons Batboy

– CSI New York

– Kick-in it

– Eagle Heart

– Man on Carrion Road

– The Unrest

"Plus we have booked many actors on major national commercials, and Disney Channel productions."

“I’ve helped audition or book for films and series with directors like Clint Eastwood, Breaking Bad director,  and recently Broadway booked two leads and a supporting lead with director Rob Riner. Broadway actor Nathan Stevens was in a movie called Cokeville Miracle where Nathan as the lead and main billing title, which opened nationwide in 2015,” said Shiela.

Broadway Talent represented Gary Coleman, and helped write his life story for a book. Broadway also represented Olyesia Rulin, who had a lead role in the High School Musical films, and Broadway booked Edward Hermann in Utah for the past 10 years.

Actors of all ages with an interest in being represented by Broadway Talent Agency should contact Shiela Erickson using the contact page on this website.