Acting Class Promotion

Begin or enhance your acting experience with an expert Broadway Talent coach
(Up to 42% Off)

Acting Class for One Person
3̶9̶$̶ $19 (37% OFF)

Acting Class for Two People
$̶6̶0̶ $35 (42% OFF)

Acting Class for Four People
$̶1̶2̶0̶ $69 (42% OFF)

Read below to learn how to redeem this promotion.

Details & Terms:
To redeem this deal you must attend one of the following meet-ups for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your goals and to schedule your first class. Please mention this deal during your consultation. This promotion is only valid during the following meet-up dates:

Tuesday, FEB 27th, 2018
Stop by between hours of 5pm-7pm
Saturday, MARCH 3rd, 2018
Stop by between hours of 12pm- 2pm

See you there!

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