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Marnie Lemon began her acting career at the age of 12 by doing comedic roles on stage. Since that time she has had a desire to bring joy to others by performing both on stage and film. Marnie received her degree in Medical Assisting and has served her community in the health care industry for 25 years. She attended Salt Lake Community College where she enrolled in acting classes. She is currently expanding her education with soprano vocal training and piano.

Marnie joined the Rain Forest Players, a local live theatre group, in 2003 where she performed various leading roles. In the play “My Three Angels”, she played the role of Marie Louise. Marnie took a break from acting for a time to raise her family but the desire to perform still burns bright.

Marnie served as president of the Star Valley Arts Council from 2012-2017 where she planned, promoted and organized events. During this tenure, she was able to personally interact with performers such as Alex Boye’, The Osmond Brothers, Basix, BYU Vocal Point and Michael McLean to name a few.

Marnie has experience in radio, scripting and performing commercial advertisements to promote performers for the Arts Council and Public Service Announcements. She interviewed live on many occasions to promote upcoming events.

Marnie resides in Star Valley Wyoming with her husband and two sons where they work together on their hobby farm. She loves performing, farming, canning, horseback riding, reading, a good laugh, and a cold Pepsi. She dislikes rudeness, raisins, and warm Pepsi.

– IMDb Mini Biography