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Jane Taylor is a filmmaker, screenwriter, author, actor, vocal performer, marathoner, poet, song writer, life coach, licensed social worker, and mother.

Jane obtained a Bachelor’s Degree of Integrated Studies in Communications, Spanish and Psychology from Weber State University and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Utah, graduating summa cum laude. She is a member of The National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi by election of the Chapter at The University of Utah. Jane is an author and a screenwriter and has written One Day I Fell Awake – a book relating her journey, One Day I Fell Awake – an original screenplay based on her true story, and Gluten Freedom – A Journey Through Celiac Dis-ease. Jane additionally authored and illustrated a children’s book, Di the Dragonfly.

She also writes poetry and has written several songs. Jane is an accomplished vocal performer. She sang for several years with the Utah Symphony Chorus as a high soprano. Jane has numerous interests including acting and enjoyed performing in her first feature-length film role in “Chasing Home.” Jane is a filmmaker and has written, produced, and been featured in a short film and several iReports aired on CNN and HLN networks. She created an iReport for CNN and entered it in the addiction iReport contest for the Jane Velez- Mitchell show Issues. It was chosen amongst thousands as a winner and aired on national television. Her iReport “The Riverman” was featured on the front page of and CNN Mobile. Jane is an avid long distance runner. She has competed in numerous 5k and 10k races and has run seven marathons. Jane motivates people to turn stumbling blocks into stepping-stones and uses the analogy of a marathon to inspire them to keep going no matter what life throws in their path. She enthuses others by doing the same for herself, and although Jane has experienced single motherhood, financial woes, autoimmune disease and other seeming dilemmas, she turns those challenges around and faces them the way she always does: full-on, enthusiastic, and indefatigable. Jane additionally enjoys laughing at life through cartooning. She is also a yoga and qigong practitioner, a photographer, and mother of four.